Quality Commercial Debt

Investors looking for monthly cash flow and reliable returns have finally found their place with Ezdaher. Our digital platform provides a simple and efficient way to access sound investment opportunities.

Now you have an equal seat at the table to co-invest, alongside
institutional investors, in loans made to business owners throughout the Kingdom.



$6.4 Billion


21 Years

Experience in Investments

Begin Earning Immediately

Every business loan on Ezdaher‘s platform has been rigorously underwritten. Moreover, each available loan is funded and already generating income. As a result, there is no lag between investing and income generation.

Co-investing in commercial debts presents investors with an immediate opportunity to generate predictable cash flow.

Receive Monthly Payments

Every investment made on Ezdaher’s platform comes with a monthly return. Payments go directly into a digital wallet where you can reinvest your funds or withdraw them.  

Why Ezdaher?

To invest with Ezdaher is to forge a partnership anchored in trust, transparency and integrity. At the center of that partnership are private
credit investment opportunities.

Our purpose as a financial entity is to deliver “Capital for a Better Tomorrow.” So, we focus on investments that create a positive social and/or environmental ripple effect that benefits local communities, job creation and business growth. Today, investors are making a much more concerted effort to put their investments to work making the world a better place for generations to come. We love sharing this connection – even passion – with them. We’re fortunate that together we can create an impact that drives so much good.

Are you ready to become our next partner?

How Does It Work?

Ezdaher funds carefully selected commercial loans made to highly qualified borrowers. Investors are then given the ability to invest in that debt and receive reliable, risk-adjusted returns in the form of monthly payments.

Through a customized portal, our investors know exactly where their money goes and have access to all information related to the investment. Investors are empowered by making their own decisions about their funds, then delighted to receive transparent communication and ongoing oversight by the seasoned Ezdaher team. From that standpoint, it quickly becomes clear to investors that our team safeguards those funds as if the funds are their own.

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