Acts locally and thinks globally

Driven by a passionate, dedicated, and diverse team of professionals with a unified mission – to create jobs, stimulate economies and contribute to clean energy.

With a ESG mission, EZDAHER is part of the AVANA’s Family of Companies and is focused on supporting businesses and providing impactful, socially-driven investment opportunities that preserve wealth and create growth.

Lending & Investing Solutions

Exclusive Designed for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Supports entrepreneurs across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with fixed-rate small business loans available through a unique platform with Rate Reduction Rewards.

Access to flexible capital for small business owners to support growth and long-term success.

An innovative pricing model that rewards borrowers for consistent on-time payments.

A straightforward online application process and on-the-go account access throughout the life of the loan.


Levels the playing field for individual investors by providing access to institutional-quality commercial debt investments on an easy-to-use platform.

Unparalleled access to co-invest in commercial debt investments with institutional investors.

A seamless, straight-forward platform that provides 24/7 on-the-go stats on your investments.

Diverse debt investment opportunities with reliable monthly cashflow.

Our Success is Built on the Shared Values of our Team

At AVANA, we pride ourselves on being both unique and diverse while embracing a set of shared values that guide us in all we do. Since our company’s founding in 2002, we have cultivated a workplace atmosphere that feels like a family – we come together as a team to achieve superior results for our clients.


As the company has grown, we have added layers of different skills, languages, ethnicities, and talents – all contributing to the effectiveness and sustainability of our team in an increasingly global and evolving world.


In an ever-changing world, our values remain constant. At AVANA, we select, develop, and nurture team members who are committed to living these values every day.

EZDAHER Team Members

A Global Team of Seasoned Experts

Through our extensive relationships around the globe, we are able to source the best talent – those with the passion, drive, and personality to contribute to the AVANA mission. Our diverse, educated, and experienced team applies its unique talents and perspective to provide the best solutions for our borrowers and investors.

Sundip Patel

Chief Executive Officer

Sanat Patel

Chief Lending Officer

Prasad Savarapu

EVP Technology

Yazeed Ettaib

Senior Digital Product Manager

Ali Al Mandeel

Digital Marketing Manager